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Thank you for helping me launch my Amazon Business. I have 5x my business and now expanded to EU. The advise was invaluable and I avoided some costly mistakes. Got to move fast in this business. 

Brandyn J

I see that the numbers are starting to move in the right direction and I'm actually making a profit again.The ACOS going from 54% to 37% is an improvement as well! I'm pretty impressed with the results and the fact that you've only been running the PPC for 16 days. 

Nick P

I have so many good things to say about the PPC Service. I have 40 SKU's and was so busy trying to do this myself. This service is saving me so much money, I wish i outsourced my PPC a year ago

Andy App

Managed PPC Service has been great for me. In less than a month my ACOS went from 80% to 30% and my sales increased. Highly recommend the service. Daily bid adjustments on my keywords, i don't know how they do it

Daisy. H

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